Duraline is now a proud distributor of Elasco products! Contact our sales associate, Julianna, at juliannag@jbn-duraline.com or by phone 386-873-2990 x305!

Duraline is now a proud distributor of Generac products! Contact our sales associate, Angie, at angelar@jbn-duraline.com or by phone 386-873-2990 x304!

Duraline’s Molded Spiders Assemblies provide multiple outlets from a single input power source. They are molded in solid rubber and can include any Duraline or Nema type plugs (more…)

Duraline designs and manufactures portable power distribution centers and components for temporary electric service for large construction sites, plant maintenance, multi-building complexes (more…)

Duraline 518 Series- high power connectors feature an innovative 360-degree, ball and socket locking collet design. This allows the connector pairs to be mated (more…)

Duraline’s Watertight / Submersible Power Distribution Blocks are ideally suited for use on construction sites, convention centers, stadiums, exhibition halls, factory assembly areas (more…)

Duraline’s Fire Power System are wet location wiring devices and are engineered to eliminate dangerous GFI nuisance tripping and make electrical power available at the site (more…)

Preheat-Postheat-Stress Relief, Ease of Installation, Complete safety to personnel and equipment, Dependable, closely controlled heating with all the economies of the electrical resistance (more…)

Duraline’s Rubber Molded Weatherproof / Watertight GFCI – Cords – Portable Outlet Boxes – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters – Products improve safety. All Duraline products are molded (more…)

This section contains a small selection of our Industrial / Commercial Grade NEMA Style products including Male pigtails, Female pigtails and Extensions. NEMA Styles (more…)