Duraline’s Rubber Molded Weatherproof / Watertight GFCI – Cords – Portable Outlet Boxes – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters – Products improve safety. All Duraline products are molded to cable in solid rubber insuring a watertight seal. They are ideally suited for use on construction sites, convention centers, stadiums, exhibition halls, factory assembly areas, hotels, business event centers and numerous other locations. When GFCI receptacles are installed, the user is protected from line-to-ground electrical shock hazards. If a ground fault does occur and the leakage exceeds 4 – 6 milliamps, the GFCI will trip. After tripping, the receptacle can be reset by pushing the button in the face of the GFCI. Component materials meet or exceed the highest standards and specifications, for the applications intended.