Duraline’s Watertight / Submersible Power Distribution Blocks are ideally suited for use on construction sites, convention centers, stadiums, exhibition halls, factory assembly areas, hotels, business event centers and numerous other locations, just like NEMA products. Watertight / Submersible Power Distribution blocks are designed to maximize worker safety, in outdoor/wet locations. These blocks accept specific Duraline plugs and replaceable receptacles, instead of NEMA plugs. The blocks are molded to #6, #8, #10, #12, or #14 AWG heavy-duty SOOW cables. Amperages between 18A and 55A can be achieved, depending upon cable ordered. Most power distribution blocks can be ordered in 120V, 220V or 480V configurations. Cable ends can be equipped with the appropriate factory installed connectors, or can be supplied without connectors.